Neat Video 5: a New Weapon in the Fight for Video Perfection

At Neat Video, visual perfection is our incredible dream goal. Yet, perfection is a moving target. As filmmakers move forward, Neat Video is evolving to get you as close as possible to the ideal of phenomenally flawless video. That’s why we’re so excited to share the launch of Neat Video 5 with you!

Neat Video 5 is more than an upgrade – it’s a new philosophy that puts the user at the center of the process of improving video quality.

We’ve listened to our tens of thousands of customers. We’ve analyzed how our product is used out there in the real world. We’ve taken a look at the system across many dimensions and asked how we can suit the needs of a new generation of content creators who expect more from the software they use.

The result is a new version that’s more than an improvement. It’s a detailed evolution. With this iteration, Neat Video is moving beyond noise reduction to become a powerful weapon in the film maker’s fight for flawless video. Digital noise reduction results have improved, yes. Performance has accelerated, it’s true. We’ve also added a host of new enhancements and features to Neat Video’s growing toolbox. We explore the full list of changes in this news article, but that’s only the beginning of the story. There’s a lot more to tell.

Because this version of Neat Video is made with the modern content creator in mind. The person who is moving fast, creating at high volume and needs to get more out of Neat Video 5, more rapidly. That’s why everything we’ve changed has been in the interests of making it easier to put that power to work!


They say perfection is in the details. We think this is true. It’s true of noise reduction results, where we strive to eliminate imperfections while retaining those beautiful fine details. It’s true of the software experience, where we look at the little things that add up to remarkable improvements. That’s why Neat Video 5 is a perfect example of what software should be. Another step forward — toward flawless video.

We’ll be saying a lot more about our latest version, but for now we’d like to invite you to say hello to the best version of Neat Video yet created. The best way to do that is to download the free demo of Neat Video 5 and see for yourself.